5 things to do in Surfers Paradise!

So you’re thinking about either traveling to Surfers paradise or you have it already booked but are doing some research. Surfers Paradise is located in Queensland, Australia and is probably the number one holiday destination around Australia. There is a real sense of hustle and bustle but also a good combination of holiday and relaxation. Now if you’re from Australia, you might be thinking but what about those darn schoolies? My advice, still go and have a good time! Don’t let that deter you.

There are a couple amazing things to do while you’re out and about throughout Surfers Paradise. My number one thing to do is obviously the theme parks! Whether you’re 10, 20, 40 or even 60 there is always something to do at the theme parks and they’re always so much fun. Not to mention all the exciting performances that are held from the Disney shows to the car shows, every age group would have something to see and do.

My number two thing to do whilst in Surfers Paradise would be to check out Surfers Paradise beach and have a lay around and relax. The good thing about Queensland is that it is warm all year round allowing for beach sessions every time of the year.

surfers beach

Number three would have to be Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! The sanctuary is an amazing place to see native Australian animals, and the good thing about the sanctuary is that they do predominantly harbour animals that are nursing or unable to be let out into the wild for various reasons. The sanctuary presents a wide range of shows, for example, they do have a bird feeding show where visitors get to feed birds themselves. How cool is that? Especially for the little kids, that would be a highlight for them surely! The sanctuary does also let visitors into the kangaroo enclosures where they are able to feed kangaroos themselves, which is a pretty amazing experience if I must say so myself!

There is actually a funny story from when I went last time and fed the kangaroos. My partner was trying to get a good photo of me feeding the kangaroo and asked me to place my hands higher to make the kangaroo stand up with me… the sanctuary worker came over and told us not to do that because they might think they are more dominant and attack! Let’s just use that as an example of what NOT to do.. and here’s the infamous photo…


Number four is the shopping! What would you rather do than grab some amazing bargains on your holiday? There are a couple shopping centers that are newly renovated and pretty amazing if I must say so myself. Pacific Fair Shopping Centre would have to be my favourite simply because it has every shop you could possibly want, from high end to outlets to the simple everyday shops. Another good shopping center would have to be Robina Shopping Centre, only because of the amazing eateries it has! From sushi restaurants to American style burgers to gelato shops it has everything your body could ever desire.

Lastly, my favourite was the ski safari that we did. It was a two-hour safari that took us around the bay. It had to be one of the most amazing experiences that I have personally ever done. Every time I go to Surfers Paradise that’s all I ever want to do, and next time I go I will most likely do it again. The adrenaline pumps through the body. It is also such a good way to bond with the family or even your partner. I would definitely recommend anyone experiencing the ski safaris.



Hopefully, this provided some insight into some things that you could do whilst you’re visiting Surfers Paradise! And lastly, enjoy the beautiful sunshine!!!

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