Travel inspiration: find your next travel destination

Thinking about traveling? Have a need for traveling but don’t have any inspiration about where to go? Use these tips to help you gain and find your travel inspiration.There are two sources I predominantly use when trying to figure out what travel destination I want to visit.

The first one being Pinterest. Pinterest offers amazing searching abilities and capabilities. The simple search bar will bring up all the articles and posts that are relevant to your search key terms. For example, if you search ‘travel inspiration’ a whole heap of articles will pop up with different travel destinations and ideas that will get your inspiration flowing. Essentially, Pinterest is like google but for images and articles. It is an amazing website to start off on.

The next website I religiously use is TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is an AMAZING place to get all your inspiration from. The layout of the website allows for all the images and content to easy inspire you. The website has many different articles and pages that will explain and rate different destinations around the world. I love to use TripAdvisor after I get my inspiration from Pinterest to get a deeper understanding of what the travel destination will be like and get some amazing real-life reviews from previous customers of hotels, restaurants, businesses, and activities.

Blogs are another way to gain inspiration for travel destinations. If you look up any travel blog there will be some sort of article or post written about a travel destination. This is a good way to get a feel for what the destination will truly be like and to get some insider knowledge. There are so many travel blogs out there that will also have a list of destinations that should be on everyones bucket list. Some blogs even review cruises, simple weekend getaways and packing for travel and what to do at certain locations.

Having a talk with someone who has recently travelled is also an amazing way to get an unbiased view and review. This is the best way to get a real feel for a destination will be like. Ask what they thought of the hotel, is the destination child-friendly, is there a lot of activities to keep you busy. Have a think about all these questions and ask in order to get a better understanding of what a destination is like.

Another great way to get inspiration is to tap into your own knowledge. Have a think about destinations that you have previously seen or been to and decide whether you would like to go on a similar holiday or if you would like a change. This is a good way to place yourself in a guided direction and allow yourself to better search.

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