How to travel with no money 2018

Always thought that traveling would cost you an arm and a leg? Or do you simply think that you’re unable to afford that dream holiday that you have always wanted? Here are some tips and tricks to help you travel with little to no money!

Work overseas

There are so many different job opportunities that are available to those who want to travel yet make money. Here are some different job ideas:

  • Become a nanny for an overseas or domestic family that love to travel
  • Take a job opportunity working on cruise ships
  • Start your own blog and share your love for travel while making money
  • Teach English overseas
  • Volunteer your time in return for any food or accommodation

Save on hotels

You don’t always need to spend a tone of money on expensive hotels. The truth is that majority of travelers only spend a couple hours a day in their room when they are not sleeping or exploring. If there is a hotel that is way cheaper and seems to be clean, in good condition and offers the basic amenities book that instead and save your money for your travels.

Travel cards

You spend money every day but have you thought about using loyalty cards that will save you money? Use any travel loyalty program such as virgin’s velocity program and earn points while you spend money on your day to day expenses.

Sign up to travel websites

Travel websites are an amazing way to find some good and inexpensive deals. Sign up to some websites and get emails daily about sales that are happening. Here are some websites to think about:


Try and save your money on food when possible. Think about some grocery items that you can buy that are easy to carry around with you when traveling. Eating out at restaurants consistently will burn a hole in your wallet really quickly.

  • Cook as many of your meals as possible
  • Buy fruit as its easy to eat on the go
  • Plan your day in a way that it allows you to eat back at the hotel
  • Take full advantage of free breakfasts, lunches, and dinners your hotel offers


When traveling transport can seem like such a large expense. Here are some tips to think about when traveling.

  • Walk anywhere possible to prevent you from spending money on taxis, buses and other transport
  • Rent a cheap car that can get you around to your destinations
  • Borrow a car from any friends or family in the area

Crowd-fund your trip

Another way to save yourself some money when traveling is to create a crowd-fund page where people can donate money for your travels.

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