How to grow your dog’s Instagram page

A lot of people think about starting an Instagram for their dog to show off exactly how adorable their four legged fury friend is. If you are thinking about starting an Instagram for your dog and wondering where to start, here are some tips!

1. Come up with a cute username that embodies your fury friend

You want to create a username that has your dogs name in it. This will allow for people to remember the name and come back to view your profile over and over again. This is important because of the new algorithm that Instagram has produced – it doesn’t showcase your photo to all your followers unless you have a high activity on the photo. You also want to make sure that the username isn’t too long or has too many numbers or letters to it.

2. Having a good bio is important!

Coming up with an interesting bio is important! The bio is the first thing many users see when they click on the profile. You want to make sure it completely embodies your dog’s personality. For example, you could include your dogs breed, the city you reside in and also a funny caption about your dog. Sirbentleyjnr has a really good example of a short and interesting bio.

3. Posting high quality and interesting photos

High quality photos are key to growing your pooches Instagram. Everyone has the ability these days to post good quality photos! You don’t need an expensive camera that costs a lot of money. You could take amazing photos on your phone! This does make it very easy to post and edit photos also. Taking quality photos isn’t that hard, get your pooch a toy or an outfit and have them in good lighting and your guaranteed a good photo!

4. Making your layout flow

Having a layout that flows is as important as having good quality photos. This is important because e people are naturally drawn to layouts that are cohesive and follow the same colour scheme. This isn’t to say that you can’t take photos of your dog in different locations, it just means that you shouldn’t post a really dark photo when the rest of your photos are light and bright. If you look at any of the large dog instagrams such as Dolly_Pawton you can see that the layout has a theme and it is cohesive.

5. Interaction is important!

The most important feature to have on your profile is interaction! If someone comments on your photo, comment back saying thank you or replying to a question they have asked. This will boost your chances of getting on more of your followers feeds and on the top page. Also, if you comment on someones photo the chances of them interacting back is high. This potentially means that you may gain another follower.

Liking peoples photos is also important, now don’t go on a rampage and just like all photos you found on a hashtag. If you want to grow a community, you should interact with profiles that are appealing to you. This will help create the community that you would like.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are highly debated. Some people say use all the hashtags possible and some people say use 1-5 hashtags. I believe that when you’re first starting out you should use as many hashtags as possible to get yourself noticed. If you have a look at Sirbentleyjnr’s profile he uses anywhere between 5-10 hashtags. Its also important to use hashtags that have less posts when first starting out. This is because when you post to a hashtag that has millions of photos, your photo will get lost because other photos are constantly coming in. Also, if you use smaller hashtags you are more likely to get featured on the hashtags popular page which will draw more followers to you.

7. Tagging locations

Tagging locations is also important. Now i don’t mean to tag your location if you have taken a photo in your back yard. But if you have taken your pooch somewhere, say a beach, tag that location. People search on Instagram for locations and if you have a photo that is linked to a location your chances of getting noticed are higher.

8. Shoutouts

Another way to grow your dogs Instagram is to get shouted out by a larger page. Many larger pages have hashtags that are linked to their account. If you use these hashtags you may get your dogs photo posted on a page with thousands of followers.

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