Nude by nature review 2018

Have you ever walked through your pharmacy and have seen the nude by nature stand and thought you would like to try it because it is all natural? Or remember the commercials that Nude by Nature would have on TV selling their product. I was curious to see if their products would actually stand up to the reviews online and in store.

The first product from their make up line that I tried was their mineral powder. The first thing that I want to mention, is that their packaging is very sleek and sophisticated, something you would definitely expect from an all natural brand. The second thing I would like to mention is that their shade range across all their make up products aren’t very diverse. I think that this is something that they need to work on in order to diversify themselves. However, the actual product itself works amazing. The natural look that you get with the mineral powder is amazing for an everyday wear to work or when you’re running errands and don’t want to put on a full face of foundation. The product has a lot of coverage for a mineral powder, and managed to cover some blemishes I had on my skin.

The next product I tried was the contour palette. The palette would be very helpful for anyone starting out and learning how to contour, as you need to build up the contour to get it very dark. This means that it is very natural and like I said above, really good for everyday use where you don’t want to go completely heavy with your contour.

The mascara was the third item that I have tested out. It was surprisingly good. My initial reaction was that the product wouldn’t do so well because it was advertised as being natural. I thought it might not give me the desired look I like. However, the mascara worked wonders to my eyelashes. It defined, separated and lengthened my lashes to give me beautifully defined eyes. It didn’t make my lashes go clumpy, and the product wasn’t very wet which made it easy to work with and allowed for less mess around my eye area.

Along with the mineral powder I tried out their mineral brush. The brush was very soft to the touch and held a lot of product which meant that I didn’t have to keep going into the pan of the product to get more product on. It also evenly dispersed the product and didn’t leave any streaks. Overall the brush did exactly what it was advertised that it would. All together their products were very good and I would highly recommend nude by nature to anyone looking for a natural and everyday product. It is also an added benefit that all their products are cruelty free.

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